What Makes Good News?


A good news story is something that is interesting, important, and new. For example, a child with leukemia who received a donor organ or a family who reunited after fifty years may make good news. But the content of the news also matters, and the importance of a story may differ from one society to another. Some types of news stories may be about people or animals, while others may focus on a specific issue or campaign.

Other types of news include entertainment stories and celebrity stories. Entertainment stories focus on topics such as showbusiness, sex, and human interest. These stories may feature witty headlines or entertaining photos. Surprising and contrasting stories are common, with positive and negative overtones. For instance, a story about a 90-year-old man still taking the bus may not be newsworthy, but it may be exciting.

The definition of newsworthy events is complex, and many factors must occur for an event to be considered newsworthy. In general, newsworthy events have a large impact on people or resources, or are of extreme intensity or effect. The more significant and unforeseen an event, the more likely it is to become news. If you’re not sure what makes an event newsworthy, try looking at these guidelines.

The most interesting news is that which is unusual. A story with a high death toll will likely make news. Stories about war or conflict are generally more interesting than stories of banal events.

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