What Is Technology?


Technology is an all-encompassing concept that covers many different devices, software programs, tools and more. While much of the discussion about Technology is centered on gadgets like mobile phones, computers, TV’s and HiFi’s, in the business world it has a very broad definition that includes the technology that is used in companies to improve productivity.

Using technology to stay competitive is a key strategy for many businesses. By creating new products and services, they can differentiate themselves in the marketplace. Additionally, incorporating current technology into a company’s operations allows them to scale up and work more efficiently with less human effort and energy.

The use of technology is also a way to help people in need. For example, text-to-speech applications are useful for people who can’t read or write because of visual impairments. GPS, or Global Positioning Systems, are another type of technology that gives people access to maps and directions through satellite transmissions.

Technology is also important in the healthcare field, especially as it pertains to the patient experience. Many doctors now rely on technology to monitor their patients’ vital signs, such as heart rates or quality of sleep. There are even devices implanted directly into the body to provide more advanced monitoring capabilities, such as those used by cardiac surgeons.

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