What Is Team Sport?

Team sport

Team sport brings people together around the world in comradery, fun and exercise. It requires communication, dedication to learning plays and trusting teammates in order to succeed. It also teaches delayed gratification and patience, especially in the case of youth sports. A few examples of team sport are baseball, basketball and tennis. These require teams of four, five and two respectively to compete against one another. They can be fast paced and intense, with basketball requiring quick decision making, strong endurance and thorough communication between players. Baseball is a slower but equally demanding game that requires consistent effort and concentration from every player on the field.

Swimming is a team sport that is done in relay races with four swimmers to a team, each swimming different strokes. It is an excellent form of cardiovascular fitness training and demands support from teammates as well as a high level of physical strength to maintain a competitive pace. Bobsleigh is a team sport that takes place in the Winter Olympics and involves a pair or four athletes navigating a sled across icy tracks at speeds of up to 90 mph. It requires a great deal of coordination and teamwork to achieve success, as even the smallest mistake can lead to a dangerous crash.

Practitioners use descriptive data from tracking systems to aid in the planning of training to elicit desired training responses and avoid injury [33]. However, metrics for monitoring team sport specific performance are limited, with some being generalised to a variety of different sports through feature selection [34]. The application of multivariate analytics on a single device could provide more sport and activity-specific algorithms, enabling more accurate measurement and interpretation of tracker data within the context of team sport.

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