What is Religion?


Religion is a system of beliefs, values and practices that people follow. It is often a source of motivation for their lives. Some religions are based on myths, while others are more practical.

How did religion get started?

In some cultures, people build elaborate religious buildings and they make art about their religion. Some religions have lots of rules and regulations about how people should behave and what they must do.

Why are religions important?

A person needs religion to be a good citizen of society. It gives them a moral code and helps them lead their lives as honest and truthful human beings.

It is a way to feel connected and it gives you hope in life.

Religion is the answer to the question, “Who am I?” It gives you a philosophy of life, brings you out of darkness and ushers you into the light of reality.

It is a powerful unifying force that creates social order, inward and outward peace and harmony. It also works as a form of control by prescribing certain behaviours that are consistent with the values, norms and beliefs of that faith and of society in general.

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