What Is News?


News is a type of information that people get about the current events around them. This information can be provided through many different media including newspapers, radio, television and the Internet.


News helps people become aware of what is happening around them and makes them enquire about the government policies. They also help them know and understand the things around them, like the weather forecasts, train timings etc.

Educational Value:

Most newspapers have columns about different educational courses and job opportunities, so that people can learn about these and decide whether they want to pursue them or not.


Extraordinary and unexpected events generate public interest. They make people eager to hear about them and want to find out how they have happened.


Stories about prominent people, such as celebrities, film stars and athletes have more news value than other types of events.


A story about the stock market, where a person loses their money because of high prices, becomes a news item and attracts attention.


A big news story will usually involve some kind of drama, such as an earthquake, a fire or a shooting.


Most people feel emotional when they hear about something that has hurt someone or made them angry. They are interested to read about it and empathise with the situation.

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