What is Fashion?


Fashion is a style of dress, hair, accessories and behaviour that is considered to be popular or on trend. It reflects an individual’s personality and taste and may also be inspired by other people or groups.

Fashion changes constantly – so fast that your coat might become old-fashioned in a few months!

Despite its rapid change, it’s a way to express yourself and make a statement. It can also help you stay ahead of the curve and develop your own unique aesthetic sense.

The fashion industry plays a huge role in the economy and is one of the most profitable sectors in the world. It is worth well over 3 trillion dollars, and it grows every day!

A large part of the fashion industry is the media, with newspapers, magazines, television, fashion websites, and fashion blogs. These outlets provide an outlet for fashion journalism, where editors critique and comment on current trends.

There are many different types of fashion styles: some are based on social class, while others draw their inspiration from subcultures or groups that do not fit the definition of elite. Some people use fashion as a way to create a distinctive identity, while others use it as a means to communicate their political or religious views.

In the past, most clothing was handmade for individuals. But by the beginning of the 20th century, new technologies had transformed this, including the sewing machine and the rise of global trade, which led to the development of the factory system of production and retail outlets such as department stores. During this period, many people started to buy mass-produced clothes in standard sizes and sold at fixed prices.

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