What Is Fashion?


Fashion is an omnipresent, ever-changing phenomenon in human life. It influences our daily lives whether it be through clothing, hairstyles or even the way we speak. It is a reflection of the culture and society as well as a way of self-expression.

Throughout history, the clothing style of a certain period is often identified with a particular social change. The roaring 20s fashion is one such example, as women and men sought to express their freedom and sense of liberty through the clothes they wore.

It is generally accepted that changes in fashion are largely driven by the social, cultural and economic conditions of a specific time. However, recent research has shown that fashions can also be triggered by internal mechanisms such as the desire to conform, the need for self-expression or the influence of peers.

Fashion is a highly subjective concept, as it depends on personal choice and individual taste. It is influenced by a wide variety of factors, including socioeconomic status, cultural values and media exposure. Moreover, the definition of fashion is constantly changing, as trends evolve and disappear at different rates in different cultures around the world. Consequently, fashion has no real definition, but it is commonly used to refer to a prevailing mode of expression, and can be compared with other modes such as art, architecture or sports. Synonyms of fashion include fad, rage and craze. The term vogue is also used to describe popular styles at a given moment.

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