What Is Fashion?


Fashion is a way of dressing that communicates a wide range of social, cultural, and personal meaning. The style, color, fabric, accessories, and brand of a particular clothing item can represent personal identity, gender, social class, historical and political context, mood and emotion, body image, and even a sartorial code for military service. Fashion can also be used to refer to a specific garment, such as a sweater or jacket, or to a group of related items such as a suit, shirt, and tie.

Fashions change quickly and often, and for a particular style to be considered fashionable, it must have widespread consumer acceptance. Generally, styles are considered to be out of fashion when they lose popularity and move into the clearance section of stores or become unavailable online. New discoveries in exotic places may provide a catalyst for changes in fashions, as was the case when Europe’s eighteenth and nineteenth century fashions were galvanized by the arrival of Turkmen silks and Chinese cottons.

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