What Are Business Services?

Business services are activities that help a company perform its trade. These services may include consulting, marketing, shipping, warehouse management, transportation and even waste handling. They are an integral part of the economy and contribute to a large percentage of GDP in many countries. The service industry is a global phenomenon and is highly competitive.

Unlike goods, which are tangible, services are intangible and are consumed when required. This makes it difficult to keep inventory of them. One of the most important characteristics of a business service is that it requires customer involvement. This enables companies to understand the needs of their customers and create better services.

This can also improve profitability and create a more positive work environment for employees. Services may be offered internally or externally. Companies may outsource their non-core activities to other businesses, or they might use external providers to perform tasks that require special expertise or equipment. A common example is a software service business that provides security updates and anti-virus protection to a company’s technological devices.

Another type of business service is an employee assistance program that helps a company provide its employees with counseling and help with personal issues. It is a valuable resource for many employers. This allows employees to focus on their job and maintain a healthy work-life balance. The employee assistance program may be offered through a company’s human resources department or in partnership with outside organizations. This is a way for companies to increase the quality of life for their workers and attract and retain talented people.

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