Traveling and Hotels

Traveling and hotels have always been closely linked, but the relationship between these two industries skyrocketed after World War II. The postwar economic boom sent incomes skyrocketing and commercial travel soared. Organized labor and the interstate highway system also helped the industry explode. This era of growth made the hotel industry an important domestic political battleground. Today, hotels remain essential connections between places and activities.

With the onset of the summer months, the cost of travel and hotel accommodations is expected to rise even further. The rising costs are due to rising labor and supply costs, as well as increased demand. In March alone, hotel rates and travel prices jumped 11.7 percent. These prices indicate that consumers are more willing to pay for better travel experiences.

To save money, booking hotels well in advance is essential. This will ensure you get the room you want and avoid last-minute surprises. Booking in advance also gives you more time to research your destination. For example, San Diego in the summer is a popular tourist destination, and it might be a good idea to reserve your hotel in advance so that you know where to find the best restaurants.

Traveling during off-season times will also allow you to find some great deals on hotels and attractions. Many hotels and attractions offer lower rates during these times as a way to attract more travelers. You may even get a suite upgrade or complimentary amenities. There are some disadvantages to traveling during off-season times, however, so it is best to plan your itinerary accordingly.

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