The Positive and Negative Impacts of Technology


Technology is the term given to a range of tools, devices and systems that use data or software to perform a specific task. The word carries different meanings for people and communities, and it is important to understand that there are both positive and negative impacts from the use of Technology.

When it comes to personal technology, we usually think of mobile phones, the internet and computers. However, there are also many other technologies that we rely on daily. They include GPS, which can be found in smartwatches, cars or drones, and even implantable technology such as the cardiac monitors used by healthcare professionals.

In business, technology can be a key component in the competitive landscape, as it allows companies to increase their outputs while reducing the amount of resources they require. This is particularly true of automation, which has the potential to reduce human error and improve efficiency significantly.

Technology is also often used to help people with disabilities, such as the blind or visually impaired, live more independent lives. For example, the Be My Eyes app uses video chat to connect the blind to sighted volunteers, who can read text for them or guide them through everyday tasks such as reading expiration dates on milk cartons. In schools, teachers can use technology to encourage students to be more active and engaged in class. In addition to providing clear expectations for when and how students are allowed to use devices, it is also helpful to add variety to lessons by alternating between different types of activities and platforms.

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