The Importance of Fashion


Fashion is a style that reflects or expresses popular taste, especially in clothing. It can also refer to a particular fashion or trend, particularly one that is short-lived. The terms fashion, fashionista and vogue are used interchangeably to describe a person’s sense of personal style.

Fashion Is a Part of Our Identity

It makes us feel confident and bold in the society. Having confidence is important in life as it brings many positives including respect from others.

When we are confident, we tend to interact with people more often and this results in better quality of social relationships. When we follow the prevailing fashion, it helps us stay in touch with our culture. It also makes you stand out from the crowd and get recognized by others.

There are many ways in which fashion can be a source of pride, including wearing clothes made by local designers, supporting ethical production methods like using recycled materials or not wasting animal resources (like the silk produced by boiled silkworms). Fashion can also be a political statement, for example when designers promote feminism or promote sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyles through their work.

Moreover, when we dress up well, it gives us inner delight and joy. The whole process of selecting, shopping and styling outfits is known to boost dopamine levels in most people who are interested in fashion. The resulting happiness and excitement is likely to make you want to continue exploring different styles of clothing.

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