The Dramatic Side of News


During the early 1900s, Joseph Pulitzer created a style of journalism that made newspaper accounts into stories with dramatic focus. He used the power of newspaper articles to create stories that had colorful details, conflict, and a sharp dramatic focus.

As the news media evolved, there was an increasing demand for drama. The rise of television also contributed to the demand for drama in news. Today, some of the most popular stories involve famous people. For example, when Mao Tse-tung died, the world was shocked.

In addition to drama, news also has a light side. For example, there are health stories that concern the effects of diet, traditional remedies, medical research, and cures. There are also stories about the entertainment industry. Stories can include comedy, photographs, and funny headlines.

Another category of news stories is money. Stories include things like school fees, compensation claims, and wage rises. They also include the Budget and economic crises. There are also stories about the price of food, beer, and other products.

The news value of a story can be contested because of subjective influences. These influences can include the work environment, cultural and social influences, and a mix of ideological influences.

Some news value factors can also be contested because of practical considerations. For example, a coup d’etat in a neighboring country can affect the stability of your own country. Weather can also be a news value. An unusual high temperature or low rainfall can also be news.

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