The Concept of News


The concept of news is fundamental to the practice of journalism. Its purpose is to inform people about events of general human interest. As a consequence, news should be fresh, interesting to the audience. However, it must be noted that news should not violate the canons of good taste and the law of libel.

News is produced in many forms, and can be classified into two main types: entertainment and serious news. Entertainment stories involve famous people and events. The stories can be humorous and involve sex, show business, human interest, and animals. They may also have witty headlines. The news sources can also be classified as “breaking news” or “archived” and may contain either recent or historical stories.

In short, news is information that was not previously known and that can impact people. It may be broadcast on television, radio, and online sources. It can also be broadcast in print. News can range from an announcement from a couple at a family gathering to the presidential election being announced in the New York Times. The news can be interesting if it surprises us.

The culture of news has changed. While it used to be dominated by journalists, it has become more of a multi-stage theatre. The rise of television has increased the demand for drama, and the emergence of special interest groups and lobbyists has increased the number of actors and conflicts.

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