How to Write a Good News Article


News is a form of information about events in the world. It helps people to make decisions on things that affect them. This can be in the form of a newspaper, television, radio or online news source.

The News: How to Write It

A news article is a type of writing that reports on current events. It may be in the form of a report, a story or an editorial. It usually begins with a headline and is followed by a lead, basis and a conclusion.

The Four W’s: Who, What, When and Where

A good news article is an accurate account of the event or story that it covers. The article should include the facts and the background of the event, a summary of the main points, and an overview of what happened, who was involved, why it happened, and where it occurred.

It is also important to provide enough information so that readers can form their own opinions, even if the opinion differs from your own. The best news articles are well-written and informative without being overly partisan or political.

The Impact: Conflict, Timeliness, Proximity and Prominence

A good news story will include details that stimulate emotion and curiosity, as well as a political or social aspect. This will keep the audience interested in the news and encourage them to take action.

The Currency: Human Interest and Unusual

A well-written news story will always contain some element of human interest, whether it is an incident that has made the news or a trending issue. This value is based on the belief that news stories are more interesting if they have a human touch to them and provide an insight into someone’s life.

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