Business Services Management Strategies

Business services are activities that benefit companies without supplying a physical product. They may help with marketing, production or safety, or provide a cost or convenience advantage.

For example, a company might hire a marketing agency to improve its brand image or a law firm to review contracts. Alternatively, an engineering company might offer to help develop a new product. Some services are used internally while others, such as IT support, are more focused on supporting a business’s overall efficiency.

As a result of their unique characteristics, service businesses require different management strategies. To be successful, they must get four things right:

Identify and communicate the value of your business services. This will help your customers understand the value they receive and encourage them to recommend your services to friends and colleagues.

Deliver consistently high levels of customer service to earn customer loyalty and generate referrals.

Train your team to handle service issues quickly and effectively. This includes providing employees with training opportunities and developing standard operating procedures that can be easily replicated by other team members. Streamline your processes, such as accepting online bookings, scheduling work, quoting clients and invoicing customers.

Consider your infrastructure and determine whether it’s ready to meet the demands of your service business. In addition to staff and training, consider equipment such as computers and printers, and any other tools your business might need to deliver its services.

Outsourcing your business services can free up valuable internal resources, improve productivity and reduce costs. To ensure you are getting the best value, look for providers who can provide a consistent level of quality while matching your unique business needs.

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