Business Services

Business services are intangible value products that businesses produce or purchase to support their functions. Many of these services are produced by the company itself, while others are provided by third parties.


Service is the quality of a product, and it is generally considered a continuum between pure commodity goods (what the customer receives) and pure service (the experience the customer has). While some products are pure commodities — for example, a car or a restaurant’s food or ambience — most goods fall somewhere in between these two extremes.

A typical business service involves people working together to accomplish a specific purpose, but it also involves the customer’s input. For example, a client’s explanation of the reason for a new building may influence the design process to a significant degree.

The key to successful Service design is to understand the business context in which these services operate, and to translate the needs of the customers into simple measurable requirements. This information can be used to generate a clear, focused “Service Value Proposition” for the business and to develop effective Service positioning in the market.

Types of Business Services:

There are a variety of different types of business services, and most are geared toward one of two primary markets: individual consumers or other businesses/organizations. For example, carpet cleaning establishments are primarily focused on individual consumers, while security companies target commercial establishments. Some businesses also offer specialized services, such as IT services.

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